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Babalah Oil Control & UV 2 WAY Cake Magic Powder


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Babalah Magic Powder Oil Control SPF20 +++ The new generation of bbCoat Powder Control Mask. Keep it up for long. The disciples of Baba do not miss Have tried it and love it. It is suitable for girls face it. Acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles on the face. Need a dough that controls it does not stain the surface.

Two sponge puffs can be used to dry or wet. The package comes in a black cartridge form. Pattern embossed on the cartridge. And with the purple Babalah brand in the middle of the cartridge with the witch's broomstick, this bbq flour is more luxurious than the old one. The package will be out of the shadow. Stronger than ever, the glass is designed to full cartridge. Can clear the page clearly. The cartridge is designed in three parts: the mirror, the dough, the puffer, and the puffer. The puffer has a vent that protects the puff.


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