Baby Gluta + Vit C by Bay’zis


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Baby Gluta Vit C by Bay’zis

Key Features:

The answer for all skin problems treatment within 7-15 days


Baby Gluta Vit C is the extract under new innovative formulation. It helps with the better absorption up to 90% to answer your need of skin problem treatment and promote healthy-looking skin within after one box intake.

Baby Gluta Vit C not only helps nourish skin but also helps treat acne, redness, and dark spots. It promotes more than just a brightening but healthy skin. The results can be seen since the first box consumption. The product is developed for the best quality by the specialists.

Baby Gluta Vit C is the first and only one with Glutathione and Vitamin C in a single box.


  • Suitable for those who want brighter and younger skin
  • Promotes more than just a brightening but healthy skin
  • Provides distinctive results within 7-15 days
  • No returning effect of skin dullness even after stop dosage
  • No harmful chemicals or residues and side effects
  • Safe for intake with natural extracts formulated by the specialists

Baby Gluta Vit C 1 box contains both Glutathione and Vitamin C.

  1. Baby Gluta 30 tablets
  • 4 tablets provide similar effect to 4 Glutathione injection
  • New innovative formulation helps with the better absorption up to 90%
  • Promotes skin radiance within 1 box
  • Helps reduce acne, acne scars, freckles and redness
  • Promotes brightening body skin and firming facial skin
  • Causes no skin deterioration but healthy skin
  • Promotes distinctive skin tightness and reduces deep wrinkles on facial skin

FDA Registration Number: 12-1-05150-1-0025

  1. Vit C Zinc 20 tablets
  • Provides antioxidants to slow down aging and reduce premature wrinkles
  • Regular intake helps brighten up and smoothen skin naturally
  • Strengthens and improves the immune system
  • Helps with the better absorption of iron
  • Helps heal fresh and burning wounds
  • Reduces the formation of acne and aging signs


Take Baby Gluta 1-2 tablets and Vit C Zinc 1 tablet before bed.

Content: 1 Box = 50 Tablets (Baby Gluta 30 tablets + Vit C Zinc 20 tablets)

FDA Registration Number: 73-1-00154-1-0148

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