L.B. Love Body by DJ. Tonhorm


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L.B. Love Body by DJ. Tonhorm

Key Features:

The effective weight loss product by the celebrity DJ. Tonhorm


L.B. Love Body is the superb assistant in weight loss by the celebrity DJ. Tonhorm. You can enjoy all meals with no worry of weight gain but a good shape with no need of a risky surgery or going on a diet.

L.B. Love Body helps you control your appetite, promote the better fats burning, and entrap fats. The natural extracts contained within cause no yo-yo effect, dizziness, heart palpitation, or brain compression. The product is 100% safe and effective.


– Block consumed starch and fats

– Burn out stored fats

– Build up muscles


White Kidney Bean Extract, Garcinia Extract, Chitosan, Cactus Extract


Take 1 capsule before breakfast. If the weight is over 60 kgs, it’s recommended to take 2 capsules before breakfast.

Content: 1 Box = 30 Capsules

FDA Registration Number: 50-1-08554-1-0060

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