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In Ca Plus Power Slim

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The herbal weight loss product with benefits from SACHA INCHI


In Ca Plus Power Slim is the herbal product from benefits of SACHA INCHI which helps promote weight loss, accelerate metabolism, trap new fats, and promote fast fullness with no hunger.

Are you bored of unsuccessful weight loss, dizziness, and resistance to weight loss even you have tried many products?  Now let’s try In Ca Plus Power Slim which is safe and has no side effects. You just take 1 tablet before breakfast and it will help you with fast fullness, burn out accumulated fats (similar to a 1 km running), and prevent accumulation of new fats (no need to skip meals and no need to exercise). You’ll lose weight amazingly.


  • Reduces weight
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Traps fats
  • Promotes fast fullness and reduces hunger
  • Restrains new fats formation and burns out accumulated fats
  • Firms up body curves


Sacha Inchi Extract, White Kidney Bean Extract, Garcinia Extract, Cactus Extract, Fiber


Take 1 tablet for 30 minutes before breakfast.


It’s not recommended for children and pregnant women. This product is not for treatment of any diseases. It’s also recommended to take a variety of 5 food groups at proportional on a regular basis. The results can be varied in individuals.

Content: (1 Box = 10 Tablets)

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-08562-1-0099

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