Natural Herb D-Kok by A. Beer


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Natural Herb D-Kok by A. Beer

Key Features:

The herbal product for flat belly within 3-5 days!


Natural Herb D-Kok by A. Beer is the herbal product that helps reduce blood sugar. Those with diabetes and blood pressure will experience more comfort of the stomach and body after 3-5 days of intake. The belly fats and fat layer will be decreased, resulting in the gradual weight loss. It’s safe with no side effects but a pleasurable result.

Natural Herb D-Kok by A. Beer with premium extract of Beta Glucan and Brown Algae is more beneficial to the body as the old formula is restricted and not suitable for those with allergy SLE, Gerd, and HIV. But this formula is formulated to increase immunity in those prone to sickness, lack of vitamins, and have low body immunity. The Algae helps treat acne and nourish skin instead of Glutathione and is not that harmful as Glutathione which is accumulated in the liver. This new formula contains no White Bean Extract but adds various premium extracts because many people are allergic to the bean and have to face twisted stomach due to less water intake.


  • Promotes noticeable flat stomach after wakeup
  • Slims up body curves and promotes a sexy body in any outfits
  • Contains 100% herbal ingredients for a safe and gradual weight loss
  • Promotes the better excretory system and clean colon with no risk of any diseases
  • Promotes detoxification to expel out wastes but maintain a good health


Beta Glucan, Brown Algae


Take 1 tablet before bed.

Content: 1 Bottle = 30 Tablets

FDA Registration Number: 12-2-00129-1-0293

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