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Colly Cally

Key Features:

The genuine fish collagen for flawless and youthful skin


Colly Cally is the 100% freshwater fish collagen from Japan type Granule that is quickly-dissolved and well-absorbed into skin with its tiny molecules that provide fast results.

Colly Cally promotes skin to be aura bright, healthy and smooth distinctively by reducing wrinkles, melasmas, freckles, skin dullness, and dark spots. It also helps reduce skin dryness, acne and scars as well as tightens skin pores. The product perfectly moisturizes skin, smoothens skin, maintains skin elasticity and rejuvenates skin.

Colly Cally excellently strengthens hair and nails, while promoting shiny hair. It also helps relieve joints and knee pain as well as slows down deterioration of skin cells and promotes skin to be stronger.

Colly Cally provides the best quality with effective results. It’s truly worth the value.

How does Colly Cally differ from other collagen?

  • 100% fish collagen type Granule is easy-absorbed
  • Collagen size 2,500 Dalton is well-absorbed to the body
  • No bleaching or additives
  • Collagen from freshwater fish so it can be taken in those allergic to seafood
  • Can be taken in Muslims
  • Helps improve dull skin caused by sunlight to be radiant and even throughout the body. It also helps diminish acne scars, melasmas, freckles, dark spots and premature wrinkles.

Key Ingredients:

100% Fish Collagen


Dissolve 1-2 spoons with any drinks.

Content: 75,000 mg.

FDA Registration Number: 11-1-14153-1-0171

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