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L-Fin by Luk-Sam-Rong

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The Malva nut product for weight control and weight loss


L-Fin by Luk-Sam-Rong is the new revolution for weight loss by accelerating the metabolism for healthy conditions. It’s safe with no side effects. You can lose weight rapidly with no fatigue and waste of time. Just take L-Fin by Luk-Sam-Rong and you’ll have flat belly and firming body shape with no need of food control because the product can excellently burn out fats.

Malva nut is the Thai herb that is most popular in those who want to lose weight by taking its flesh or juice. But its taste is a bit bitter so more sugar is needed. This results in the higher amount of sugar consumption, which is not good for weight loss. Therefore, L-Fin by Luk-Sam-Rong is the excellent answer with distinctive results for those who want to lose weight.


  • Accelerates the metabolism to function better
  • Supports in weight control
  • Reduces appetite and hunger during the day
  • Produces muscle mass and fights against free radicals
  • Balances out the blood sugar level
  • Decreases fat level
  • Speeds up the excretory process for more comfort


Malva nut


Take 1 tablet for 30 minutes before breakfast.

Content: 3 Box = 30 Tablets (1 Box = 10 Tablets)

FDA Registration Number: 74-2-03357-1-0180

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