Nature's King Royal Jelly 1,000 mg. 30 Caps


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Nature’s King Royal Jelly

Key Features:

The natural royal jelly product for skin beauty


Nature’s King Royal Jelly 10 HDA is the 100% natural royal jelly for skin beauty. It’s the secret imported from Australia for your smooth and moisturized skin.

Nature’s King Royal Jelly is produced from natural ingredients so it’s safe with no harmful substances. This natural product helps brighten, freshen and beautify skin from inside out.

Royal Jelly was collected from the beehives located in the most remote and unpolluted wild bush land and flowers.
Royal Jelly is a nutritious substance which has the power to change worker bee into queen bee who lives more than 30 times longer.

Take as a food supplement.
Give to children under supervision.

Beneficial Ingredients:

  • Various protein for 20 types
  • Amino Acid for 17 types
  • Minerals for 11 types
  • Enzyme
  • Hormone
  • Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and Vitamin B Complex
  • Saccharide Glucose and Fructose

Royal jelly provides more beneficial nutrients than other dietary supplement product:

  • 10 HDA (10-Hydroxy-decenoic acid) is a natural unsaturated fatty acid containing only in the royal jelly.
  • Insulin has the property in balancing out the blood sugar level.
  • Collagen is the nutrient needed for skin nourishment. It’s a kind of rough protein fiber found in the lowest layer of dermis skin. It helps promote muscle strength and elasticity.
  • Acetyl Chloride nurtures liver and brain.
  • Parotene is a substance that helps restore various cells in the body, leading to freshness and the delay of skin aging. 3% of “R” substance (R=Royal Jelly) is the specific substance found only in royal jelly.


  • For the better absorption, take 30 minutes before breakfast or bed.
  • It’s recommended to take during 05.00 – 07.00 am.
  • After unsealing, keep in the fridge (not freezer) to keep freshness.

Content: 1 Sachet = 30 Soft Capsules

FDA Registration Number: 10-3-0098-1-0002

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