B-young Femina by Yuri


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B-young Femina by Yuri

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The dietary supplement product to answer women’s needs


B-Young Femina by Yuri is the dietary supplement product to treat all feminine problems.


  • Helps firm up the vagina and treat the conditions of lower uterus or sagging uterus due to delivery.
  • Increases the breast size and tightens the breasts (the results of breast enlargement can vary in each individual depending on the natural body structure). B-Young Femina by Yuri is the natural hormone which is safer than synthesized hormone.
  • Helps adjust hormones in the body, cleanse blood, treat melasmas and acne, reduce body odor and bad breath, and relieve bad mood during menstruation.
  • Reduces white discharge and eliminates bad vaginal odor.
  • Causes no obesity.


Ginseng Extract, Zingiber montanum Extract and other herbal extracts


Take 1 capsule before bed daily.

** It’s not for treatment of any diseases. The results can vary in each individual. **

Content: 30 Capsules (1 Box = 10 Capsules)

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5938195

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