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Aura Baby White Face Skin By Princess Skin Care Set

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Aura Baby White Face Skin By Princess Skin Care

Aura Baby White Face Skin

Reduce Freckle Blemishes Ance / Set

( Authentic 100% )

Princess white skincare is cosmeceutical by dermatologist.

There are 3 core products in the set which suitable for 1-2 month usage

Aura face cream- for pore minimizing, acne scar, uneven face

White face – for reducing melasma, freckles, dullness

Baby face – contains AHA and BHA which make your face smoother, softer, clearer and brighter

How to use:

Morning : Apply thin layer of Aura face with your favourite sunscreen daily

Night : Apply thin layer of White face + Baby face + Aura face all over your face and neck daily

Once your face get clearer you can use White face and Baby face only 2-3 times per week.

Aura face you can use it everyday both day and night.

Condition : 100% Brand new, sealed, never open

Quantity : 1 Set

One set contain:

  1. Aura Face skin care = 10 g.
  2. Baby Face skin care = 10 g.
  3. White face Skin Care = 10 g.


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