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VOODOO White Spell Original Pimples Acne Set

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VOODOO White Spell Original Pimples Acne Treatment & Whitening Cream Set

This is first time in thailand with a mixture of the legend.
The mixure is from of curcuma SPP. (Sensuality Root) It creats white skin by the magic of nature.

Most Popular Cream in Thailand

Total Quantity : 1 Set (contains 4 Pcs. Soap, Day Cream, Night Cream, Serum)

Voodoo white spell original cream 4 pcs.

1. Soap Charcoal & Dead Sea Mud 50g: Oil control(good for oil skin) and reduce inflammation of the skin as well. Deep cleansing face wash. Make your face clean and smoother.

How to use: You can use this soap in bulk or cut it into 2 parts or 4 parts to save.Then Mix a little water, rub to make bubbles, Wash all over your face and then Washed thoroughly

2. Day Serum Size 10 g: Keep skin moist and whiter with vitamin C.Oil control.Help Skin whitening and Brightness more. Helps tighten pores. reduce acne scars. and black marks from acne scars fade.there is sunscreen SPF50+++.

How to use: Apply this all over the face in the morning afterserum.

3. Night Cream (Acne Block Cream) Size 10 g: Reduce acne, Reduce hyperpigmentation, Skin smooth and clear the aura and helps keep skin soft, Skin healthy looking.

How to use: Apply lightly all over face before bed after serum.

4. Serum Lifting Aura perfecting size 10g. : lifting and aura your face. Reduce acne and pimples. It make your face good healthy and brightening.

How to use: Apply lightly all over face in the morning and before bed after cleansing.


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