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Grape Cream Whitening Anti Acne Set

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Grape Cream Whitening Anti Acne Reduce Dark Spots & Blemish By K & K Beautiful

Grape skin cream Beautiful skin will be more flexible and stronger than that, our skin also needs antioxidants to protect the skin from pollution all around. Including UV rays The surface structure Increase the flexibility of the skin as well. Help slow the aging of the skin to look beautiful. Grape seed extract helps prevent wrinkles, firming skin roughness. Pretreatment of cells with dark spots, freckles, fine cells whitening.

  • Use a good man is white.
  • Reduce acne breakouts.
  • Reduce Spots
  • Help the skin to smooth and natural.

1. Serum grape No. FDA 10-1-5700947.
Grape extract genuine help nourish your skin youthful face.
To use: Apply before the grape cream morning – before.

2. Sunscreen SPF60 +++ No. FDA 10-1-5706490.
Protect your skin from the sun
How to use: Apply morning

3. Cream Grape No. FDA 10-1-5703123.
The skin Skin Food Grape Seed Restoration of skin blemishes and freckles.
How to use: Apply day – night.

4. cream skin whitening No. FDA 10-1-5705745.
The fragrance smells like grapes The cream penetrates the skin, clear skin is a creamy smell very good for the skin.
To use: Apply before

5. Soap grapevine at 100%.
Helps deeply cleanse with grape extract 100% reduces the skin. Acne – – freckles – spots.
How to use: Cleanser morning – before a regular basis.

Description: Grape Cream Set for Brighter face
Condition : Brand new, never opened or used
Size : 1 Box = 5 pieces ( Cream, serum, Sunscreen, Whitening cream, Soap)
Quantity : 1 Box
Directions :
Morning : Use soap. Dry. Follow by serum and cream and then leave on for about one minute. Apply the Sunscreen.
Night : Use soap. Dry. Follow by serum and cream and then the whitening cream.


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