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HADA Turbo Facial Mask Premium 30 g

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HADA Turbo Facial Mask Premium 30 g

Brand : HADA
Condition : 100% Authentic brand new, Never open
Total Quantity : 1 pcs
Net weight : 30 g.

Hada Mask Premium Nano Whitening is a cream mask urgent recover your skin in one night. With a powerful and unique formula Hada Mask from Japan. And extract such as Derma white, Alpha-arbutin. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin every major ingredient has been carefully selected.

It’s really good. Combined with the right proportion and balance. Under the control of the medical research team. Pharmacists and researchers with experience in the manufacture of cosmetics. Using advanced technology. To get a quality product. Meet the needs of most customers.

Tangible results of hada mask.

Face Mask. Enriched with natural extracts of various types. The skin is smooth, white skin, freckles, minimize dark spots and dull skin. Skin soft and moist. Reduce the roughness of your face.

  1. Soft face, acne look lighter, healthy skin
  2. Rough skin symptoms is a condition of Dry, dehydrated skin. Lack of maintenance
  3. Refresh ,Nourishing Concentrate urgent. The skin will recover in one night, I felt that it recover my skin quickly.

Who should use Hada Facial Mask.

  • post to the sun and pollution.
  • makeup often.
  • Not have enough sleep.

Because the cells are destroyed constantly. May cause skin dryness. Skin lacks moisture. The cause of dull skin.


  1. Dermawhite skin nutrients that help skin whitening . Reduce dark spots and dull skin. Reduce skin melanin melanin.
    Thereby reduce dark pigmentation of skin – freckles.
  2. Mulberry Extract Mulberry Extract . Skin whitening . Reduce melanin melanin . Help maintain the skin to fade.
    Clear skin naturally.
  3. Aloe Vera Extract Aloe vera extract . Moisturize the skin. Skin smooth. Help fade scars and dark spots .
    To help prevent skin inflammation.
  4. Banana Skin Extract extract of banana peel . Adds moisture to the skin. Skin healthy. Wounds to heal faster.
  5. Radish Extract Extract radish reduce freckles to fade against free radicals which damage the skin.
  6. Vitamin C helps build collagen . Skin firming your skin . Protect your skin from UV rays, reduce dark circles , reduce freckles and dark spots.
    Skin whitening skin look healthy Inhibit the production of skin pigment.
  7. Vitamin E to slow aging . Skin rejuvenation. Smooth and soft to the touch.
  8. Collagen Skin reduce and prevent wrinkles. Allows the skin firm.
  9. Enzyn Papain Ensign from the pineapple . Stimulates the skin is deteriorating. Reveal new skin cells skin soft and smooth to the touch.
  10. Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Hyaluronate is derived from yeast fermentation quality from France make high quality Sodium Hyaluronate helps the skin absorb better. Filled trenches of the skin. Makes the skin smooth. Helps skin remain soft and flexible. Look younger.

How to use Hada facial mask:

After washing your face before applying a thick cream Hada Turbo Mask mask avoiding the eye and lip. Do not wash off the cream. Let cream absorbed into the skin while you sleep. Leave it until morning then wash as usual. The skin will lighten. Mask 2-3 times a week for your healthy skin.


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