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Miracle 5D Aura Herbs Wonder Super

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Miracle 5D Aura Herbs Wonder Super

Key Features:

The effective set for acne and freckles treatment


Miracle 5D Aura Herbs Wonder Super is the set of products for treatment of acne, melasmas, and freckles with benefits of the miracle herbal extracts for flawless and clear skin.


  • Diminishes melasmas caused by sunlight and hormones and freckles
  • Eliminates bacteria which is the cause of acne
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Improves rough skin to be smooth as well as reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces dark spots caused by acne

Miracle 5D Aura Herbs Wonder Super 1 set consists of:

  1. Serum 5D Aura 10 ml.

It’s the serum for treatment of melasmas, freckles, acne, dark spots and scars. It helps nourish facial skin for radiant and flawless skin since the first time use.

Directions: Apply a thin layer of the serum onto skin every morning and evening.

  1. Sunscreen Cream 5D Aura 10 g.

The sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++ can cover up skin all day, revealing a smooth and beautiful skin. It provides a gentle touch and causes no clogging. It maintains makeup color even in the hot temperature.

Directions: Apply onto facial skin 15 minutes prior to sun exposure daily.

  1. Night Cream 5D Aura 10 g.

The night cream can diminish acne, melasmas, freckles, and dark spots. It helps inhibit the production of melanin pigment and repair damaged skin cells. It can effectively treat thick melasmas, while reducing aging signs. It also promotes skin to be firming and youthful-looking as well as increases skin cell renewal process and skin strength. It truly helps improve uneven skin tone, promoting a smooth and flawless skin.

Directions: Apply the cream regularly before bed.

  1. Soap 5D Aura 80 g.

The 100% safe and whitening soap with concentrated Glutathione and extracts for skin brightness helps exfoliate dead skin cells and control oil which is the cause of acne. Also, it gradually reduces melasmas, freckles, and dark spots. With Anti-oxidant, it can reduce wrinkles and nourish skin to be soft and hydrated.

Directions: Cleanse facial skin regularly every morning and evening.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5792781



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