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Yuri Whitening Healthy Lotion Plus 400ml

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Yuri Whitening Healthy Lotion Plus 400ml


  • Helps brighten dull skin back and enhances the natural radiance with NANO WHITE innovations include glutathione Vitamin C, arbutin Collagen ALOE VERA Hyaluronic Acid Allantoin , which are nano scale particles penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Help restore skin to withstand sunlight inhibits melanin pigmentation of the skin.
  • Skin aging by protecting the skin HYALURONIC ACID
  • Revitalize your skin soft and radiant skin all over

"Yuri" white. Lotion "Yuri" daily skin beautiful water. Lotion "Yuri" white naturally. Lotion "Yuri" vitamins skin nourishes skin. Lotion "Yuri" fragrance to use. The "Yuri" lotion with a light pink pink "Yuri" lotion, but the properties are full of whiteness.


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