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Yuri Cream Yuri Ginseng

YURI WHITE CREAM Because I used to see results in 7 days. YURI WHITE CREAM GINSENG CREAM Highly effective in brightening skin with turmeric, which provides good whiteness, fast and harmless and rich in plant extracts. And rich in Niacinemide that helps. Clear skin And brighter Along with reducing free radicals. Protects the skin from UV rays and repairs skin from sun damage. Prevents skin cell degeneration. The skin is white, smooth and tight, it inhibits the formation of melanin or melanin, making the skin look more radiant and has the ability to help treat blemishes. Tighten pores With gentle skin exfoliation. Can be used on delicate skin. It can also kill bacteria. And reduce inflammation. Skin Ginseng benefits of skin care **** Ginseng means it. It is called miracle herb that Chinese people accept. Well over 2, 000 years, it is because of the benefits of maintaining health, whether it helps relieve stress. Fatigue Lowering blood sugar, restoring immune disease Help slow down aging and much more with its unique features. Incredible spot So people are aware of the importance. Bring this miracle herb into the mix. In cosmetics With herbal hot properties. Can stimulate blood circulation, brighten the skin. It also helps fight free radicals. Causes of premature aging. Skin flush So tight, so you should not miss to buy a cream that contains Ginseng extract. YURI WHITE CREAM GINSENG WATER, PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM, STEARIC ACID, NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B3), CETEARETH ALOE BARBADENSIS EXTRACT, PANAX GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT, CURCUMA LONGA ROOT EXTRACT, MORUS ALBA BARK EXTRACT,


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