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Gluta Swiss Glutathione Licopene

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Gluta Swiss Glutathione Licopene by Yuri Skin Whitening, Anti Aging 30 Caps

Gluta Swiss Dietary Supplement Product Plus Lycopene Raw material Imported form Switzerland by Yuri

Vitamins Swiss Glutathione Glutathione combines with extracts nourish your skin from the unfinished Pine Bark Extract Acerola cherry Extract Alpha Lipoic acid Vitamin CE , the skin radiant and natural. Soft Antioxidants (Antioxidant) reduce pigment melanin reduces dark spots , freckles protect the skin from UV radiation and reduce wrinkles.

Slow the degeneration of skin cells With fine pink around the body. Extract Q10 Tomato extract reduces acne and oily skin, acne, reduce acne scars. Prevent acne rash pores. Extract Zinc Amino Acid Chelate import ingredients from Switzerland. Through a process of factory quality standards . And has been approved by FDA Thailand.

Size: 1 Box/30 Capsules


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