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I-Doll White Armpit Cream 5g x12 (box)

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I-Doll White Armpit Cream  Idol White Arm Pit Cream, underarms


I-Doll White Armpit Cream  over the cream to nourish the skin. In addition to help under the skin.

Sleek, smooth, soft, moisturizing body with natural extracts. It also features. Helps to smell And kill the bacteria without the fragrance without perfume. But extract

Natural fragrances throughout the day. Let's see, you will love.


Properties: Cream underarm skin to smooth. The white and clear. Helps shed dead skin cells.

Then gently Not too subtle, reduce chicken skin, smooth skin, this effect.

Within  7-14  days

It will help reduce unwanted body odor and improve the aroma throughout the day.

Apply to the chest to my pink chest.

Or to apply skin tone and elbow skin. And the knee is bright. It will brighten up the skin and skin.


***  Important This product is AAA  Grade Cream  without banned substances (such as mercury, steroids.

 Hydroquinone is strictly prohibited. ***

Cream orange with light pink. Citrus scented fresh, not fragrant, the cream is soft, not so wet.

Get fast with me.


To use: Apply underarms after morning or evening bathing or nipple and groin necks and as needed.


Notification number:  10-1-5633560

Net Weight :  5  grams x 12


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