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(White Box) Underarm Cupcake Cream White 60g

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Underarm Cupcake Cream White Chocolate Flavor Size 50 grams. Receive 10-1-5851594 new formula to improve the skin white than the original formula. To improve the dark circles under the arms to fade faster. With body odor. Scatter aroma Deodorant Deodorant Formulation Not just whitewashed chicken But add sweet charm to the invitation. Then the pheromone gland will be exhilarated simultaneously.

Tread the turtle with white chocolate recipes. Pheromone stimulant. People around you are interested in you. The smell of the charm is reduced, please tell me. White Chicolate Flavor replaces the natural pheromone in the body but enhances sexual attraction, enhances fascination, Deliciously crafted with melt pearls, algae, sugar, MilkExtract and all that white scent with Deodorant with White Cocolate Flavor Recipe as the Queen of Freemasonry glamorous. Armpits just give true love to the skin under the ring.

Both nourish and protect. Introducing White Chocolate Formula with Triclosan Power Formula to reduce bacteria. The main cause of odor. - Aluminum Chlorohydrate Aluminum chlorohydrate suppresses sweat. One of the causes of body odor. And brown algae This helps to reduce the melanin skin cells to reduce the sensitivity to several times.


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