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2in1 Snail Honey Ginseng with Gold Sleeping Serum Mask 70g Cathy

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Sleeping Mask that combines the best of 4 natural powers into one, giving your skin a youth replenishing treatment overnight, while at the same time reviving all 4 skin problems; blemish removing, skin tightening, anti-aging, and skin tone balancing. This formula has the perfect combination of these natural serum; Snail Mucus Serum that can reduces blemishes and tightens skin. Selected Honey Serum that contains skin nutrient for healthy and youthful skin, Intensive Ginseng Extract Serum that is rich in high potential antioxidant to reduce aging-line while contributing to the tightening of skin at the same time, and Pure Gold Serum that resurrects skin to be elastic again and enhances skin color to be brighter naturally.


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