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Lami Herbal Honey Natural Soap

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Lami Herbal Honey Natural Soap

Key Features:

The honey soap for radiant skin since first time use!


Lami Herbal Honey is the body soap that helps brighten skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and dark spots, as well as smoothens and hydrates skin.  It’s mercury-free, skin-friendly and can be used in sensitive skin. It’s for all skin types.


  • Honey helps heal skin and restrains bacteria
  • Milk helps promote skin to be radiant and glowing
  • Tanaka treats melasmas, freckles and dark spots
  • Tamarind eliminates dull and dead skin
  • Coconut moisturizes and smoothens skin


Cleanse skin with the soap, leave it for 1-3 minutes and wash off. Then gently rub skin so dirt will be faded away. Those with scars, stretch marks and freckles will gradually see radiant and smooth skin.

Content: 3 pcs (85 g./piece)

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6010002004


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