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Fuji SNAIL CREAM with Aloevera reduces wrinkle & Scar

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Fuji SNAIL CREAM with Aloevera reduces wrinkle & Scar 10g Fuji SNAIL CREAM with Aloevera reduces wrinkle & Scar 10g
It helps to reduce wrinkle & Scar.
Direction : - Apply just 2-3 drops of cream lightly throughout the face or at wrinkle or scar areas only after cleaning your face 2 times a day (day-time and night-time) without washing it.
- Precaution
External Use Only!!!
- Expiration date between 24-36 months
Additional important information:
• FDA Number: 10-1-5525283 All our products have been tested and approved by the FDA of Thailand. With the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standard, our products are high quality products without harmful chemicals and there is no side effect on your face and skin. All our products are not treated as prescription drugs. We do not give consultations, recommendations nor suggestions. If you have any worries please contact your GP.



Snail Cream with Aloe Vera extract from Fuji is a combination of snail mucin extract with aloe vera. It helps hydrate, soothe, comfort and calm your skin while manage redness and blemish. Salicylic Acid is instantly healing blemish-busting and correcting post pimple darkening. Vitamin B3 helps your skin glow naturally. This cream also has so many important substances such as Allantoin, Natural Anti-Biotics, Glycolic Acid, Elastin, Vitamins and Protean which rescue and renew even the most irritated skin. 


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