Noni tree - Morinda Citrifolia, kind of mulberry tree. Increasing in many countries in Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Central America. For a long time all over the world Noni fruit used as medicine for the following diseases and symptoms: fever, infectious and allergic diseases, respiratory and intestinal diseases, rheumatism and arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure, diabetes, diseases of the urinary tract, decreased libido, wounds, fractures, bruises, sprains...

The fruit contains over 100 nutrients vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, calcium and ash, trace elements, mineral substances, enzymes, etc. Although the Noni fruit doesn't contain some unique substances not found in other fruits, there is undeniable effect of Noni to strengthen the immune system and activation of the internal regenerative healing processes. Stories about the healing power of Morinda Citrifolia are surprising, and sometimes grab skeptical Europeans.

The medicinal properties of this plant are causing a lot of legends and rumors, Noni juice research continues, scientists are collecting the results of clinical trials. There is a stunning list of magical healing, as well as skeptical scientific judgments. But the fact remains - the "miracle fruit" of the southern seas since its launch on the European market in 1996, became one of the hits of natural food additives.

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